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With traveling abroad still marred by covid and all the restrictions it has brought, many people have decided to make the most of holidaying in the UK instead. But fear not the UK has lots of places to visit from cities steeped in culture to beautiful secluded beaches to landscapes of outstanding natural beauty. Whatever style of holiday you choose for your break it is still best to be prepared to avoid any stress once you are there, so we have put together some top tips to help you have the perfect holiday!

Holiday Tips

Plan ahead – not only is it best to plan what you are going to take packing-wise but to also plan what to do when you get there as well. Also if you don’t know what you are going to be doing how do you know what suitable clothing to pack? By planning ahead you can avoid packing items you won’t need and avoid disappointment by not finding the place you wanted to go fully booked when you get there.

Do your research on your accommodation – check out pictures, their website, reviews, and whether they are advertised with reputable holiday companies or not. By looking into the property as much as possible it should help avoid any disappointment when you get there.

Check what is at your accommodation – you can again save packing time and space by contacting your accommodation provider and seeing what is supplied there such as hairdryers, cleaning stuff etc

Scope out the local restaurants – by checking out reviews you can generally get an idea if it’s the sort of food you are looking for and to what standard the business is run to avoid disappointment before you book in.

Keep your eyes and ears open – there may be places or things to do that are not on google, but that could make your holiday that bit more perfect! So look out for local flyers, speak to locals, and keep on the lookout when you are out and about as there may be something taking place on those dates that doesn’t normally, or there could be a unique, hidden place that only local people know about.

Have a backup plan – if you haven’t booked something to do every day and you are going to wing it, then have a list of backup places to go and things to do just in case!

Don’t overfill your time! Is it really a holiday if you don’t have some time to kick back and relax? If you cram each day full of activities from the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep there is going to be no time to just breathe, plus you will spend the whole time like a headless chicken probably.

Order a food shop – this will of course only apply if you are going on a self-catering holiday but it is definitely something to do. It not only saves you space in your packed car but you also won’t need to start your holiday stuck in a supermarket going isle to isle getting the holiday food/items.

Keep your expectations in check – if you have unrealistic expectations at the beginning then you are likely to hit some disappointment during the holiday. This isn’t to say you should just accept something if it is poor but go with the flow and just enjoy your time don’t nit-pick over everything.

Unplug at times – we are a world full of technology and we tend to use our phones, tablets, laptops daily. However, while you are on holiday you can step away from it all for a while. Turn your phone/tablet on silent or off altogether and simply enjoy just switching off.

Enjoy yourself! – This should be the main point! If you are stressed, overplanned, anxious, have too high expectations you are not going to enjoy your holiday so just chill down and go with the flow a little, it will all be ok in the end.

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